AI-Powered Chatbot for Customer Service

Enhance support team, lower your costs, and increase customers satisfaction.

24/7. Multilingual. Cross-platform.

Unlock the full potential of channels we support

  • livechat

  • email

  • social media

  • messangers

Craft tailor-made AI chatbots with a single input.

Integrate it into your website, messenger, chat or social media in minutes – no coding needed.

Multichannel Customer Support

Handle inquiries via preferred customer channels. Automatically!

Live chat integration

Seamlessly integrate live chat functionality into your website for real-time customer interactions 24/7. Engage visitors instantly and provide immediate support with our effortless live chat integration.

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Social media integration

Connect our support tool to your social media profiles in few simple steps. Respond directly on social platforms, meeting customers where they already interact with your brand.

Email integration

Handle customer questions and respond quickly, making customers happy, all directly from your email.

Customer Support Made Easy

Efficiency that saves costs and preserves humanity.

  • FAQ Automation

    Goodbye to repetitive queries!
    Our chatbot handles up to 70% of FAQs.

  • 24/7 Availability

    No more business hour worries.
    Get round-the-clock immediate responses.

  • Scalability

    Handle many chats efficiently without slowing down response times.

  • Better Quality

    Free up valuable time for your support agents to focus on complex inquiries.

  • Multilingual

    Provide support for your customers whenever they are.

  • Intuitive Integration

    Effortlessly plug and play into your CRM or help desk ticketing system.

AI chat bot easy to connect with your workflows

Connect Triviat with your workflows in just a few clicks, making your processes more efficient and responsive.

Keep human tone

Blend the warmth of human communication with the speed and accuracy of AI.

Costs and plans overview

Cut the cost while improving customer satisfaction.

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Languages supported


Cost efficient


Reduction in wait time

Empower your retail business with Triviat, connecting you effortlessly with your customers across all the channels and languages.”

How Triviat Works?

Experience easy integration and powerful results.

  • 01

    Data Collection & Training

    Collect and utilize existing data, including previous interactions and relevant industry information.

  • 02

    Integration & Customization

    Integrate the system into the existing platforms, customizing its behavior to align with the specific needs and branding.

  • 03

    Agent On-boarding

    Provide an introduction and orientation to acquaint agents with systems and processes.

  • 04

    Learning & Optimization

    Utilizing real-time user interactions and feedback to optimize the performance and improve response accuracy over time.

A landscape of Integrations
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